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We live our life in full view, due to the ever-growing social media presence!  This can often lead to you feeling scared, worried and unsure – yet you still seem to find a way to do what you need to do daily – this in itself means you are cultivating courage.


Courage is the saviour that marches alongside us when fear shows up.  It literally helps us be inspired; gives us bursts of boldness that helps us speak our minds; follow our hearts and open-up to others.

To allow us to use courage in our day to day lives, we need to understand that being scared, worried and unsure are normal feelings.  They feed our courage and allow us to focus on doing what we believe is right – despite some fear!

Here are some wonderful tips to help you cultivate and embrace courage into your daily routine:

1 - Make Fear your Friend

There is something you want to do, maybe it is to join a new club, change your career, take on a challenge for charity or, simply to feel better about your health and body image.

Fear is holding you back and this can manifest itself in many ways.  Usually, the pattern is that you make constant excuses:

You are too busy to look for a new job!

You have a new baby so no time and too tired to start on that new fitness journey.

You are scared to take on a challenge where you could fail.

Whatever your reason is – when you finally accept that it is the fear of the unknown which is holding you back, it makes courage so much more accessible.

2 – Be Vulnerable

Share your fears and anxieties with your friends and family.

It breaks the fear down, allows for positive communication, encouragement and empathy from others who understand your situation.

This leads to courage and makes it much easier to make that leap!

3 – A Mindful Response to Fear

Fear is necessary to propel us to new heights.

If you speak to any athlete, they feed on fear to make their overall performance better by kick starting their Adrenalin.  The excitement an athlete feels when participating in a sport or activity is the release of Adrenalin into their circulatory system.

Adrenalin, also known as epinephrine, is the body’s response to stress.

These heightened senses prepared us to either fight or flee and by controlling these senses in a positive way allows us to embrace courage.

4 – Feel the Fear and do it Anyway

When you were young, there is a good chance that fear hadn’t really got in the way of you trying new things.  To put it bluntly, you were born courageous.  You used your senses to explore the world around you.

As you grew, you were influenced by lots of outside elements, life events like starting school or examinations.  This is where you started to experience failure.  How you dealt with failure and fear as a child, can contribute to how you now feel as an adult.

“Feel the Fear and do it Anyway” is not only a good read by author Susan Jeffers, it is a popular quote used often in the context of self-help and motivational messages.

We suggest you follow this quote and quite simply, be bold and announce your plans.

By speaking it, owning it, sharing it on social media and generally making everyone aware you are positively taking action, makes you accountable and invites others to lift you in support.  This first step isn’t about doing it, it is about setting out the intention to act.

5 – The Ripple Effect

What is the ripple effect and why is it important in building courage?

It is likely that the struggle for you to start your project is also a struggle for others.  In fact, many of the personal challenges you face can be replicated in all elements of your life from work colleagues to your best friends.

When our actions impact more than just our own lives, “The Ripple Effect” including inspiring others to move to action, can provide us with a great sense of empowerment.

You only have to speak to our founder, Scott Harrison, to know the success of The Ripple Effect.  

Meet Scott Harrison

Scott is the founder of The Six Pack Revolution and is the creator of our original signature system designed specifically to get extreme lean results in the short term of just 90 days.

Scott built the programme to meet the needs of his own journey to fitness, taking the courage to craft a long term path to feeling healthier and happier.

The realisation that the programme he developed, that worked so successfully for his own personal journey was, in fact, helping others achieve incredible results over such a short space of time ‘The Ripple Effect’ was the eureka moment in his life!

Scott stopped everything and set to work developing the formation of The Six Pack Revolution World Class Plan.

Here are just a few of Scott’s personal motivational quotes to get you inspired today!

By learning to love yourself, share your fears and take on challenges, you will cultivate your own courage to go on your own personal health and well-being journey.

Need some help getting started?  Why not consider our Six Pack Revolution programme?  It will bring you together with like-minded people, our wonderful coaches who have all participated in the programme.  Plus a fantastic support network of people all working hard to keep you on track for a set period of time!

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The Six Pack Revolution is a 75 day transformation programme, where we coach you on fitness, mind-set and nutrition.

Founded by Scott Harrison, the programme includes everything you need to get you into the best shape of your life. You’ll learn how to cook delicious recipes, and complete daily and weekly fitness challenges within a group of like-minded people, all looking to achieve the same outcome as YOU!

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One of the best things about The Six Pack Revolution is the support network. You’ll get to know your new fitness family through a private Facebook Group. This is ‘The Hub’ where others in the group share their experiences, results and tips on overcoming obstacles.

We believe in you, and can’t wait to welcome you to the revolution!