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Fight off your winter blues with food

Although there is a lot to love about winter; soft blankets; dark nights with the open fire and long hot baths, there’s no doubt that the lack of light and chilly weather can have a negative effect on our own mood.

The winter blues can leave us feeling less motivated, lacking in energy and withdrawn. Some of us may even try to hibernate; cancelling dates with friends and family until spring when we are ‘born again’ ready for a new chapter.

It doesn’t have to be like that. You can embrace the stillness of these months by focusing on taking better care of your health and well-being; catch up on much-needed sleep and experiment with new, healthier foods.

We’ve listed 10 of our favourite foods which contain important vitamins and minerals to boost your mood:


Omega-3s, the good fats so dubbed “essential fatty acids” due to the fact that they are crucial for healthy metabolic function. You can think of fatty fillets of wild salmon, sardines, and anchovies as your winter blues-blasting super heroes.

We’ve included a wide variety of different fish recipes that we use on The Six Pack Revolution in our new book Eat Your Way to a Six Pack.

2 – EGGS

Eggs are the ultimate super-food.  Perfect for beating the winter blues, eggs are one of the few foods that are high in mood-enhancing vitamin D, which increases immunity and reduces symptoms of depression.

And to clear up any confusion, science says it is completely safe to consume up to 3 whole eggs per day for healthy people!


Dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, are a source of tryptophan an essential amino acid that helps your body produce serotonin.  Kale, parsley and broccoli are also super high in vitamin C, which will go a long way towards boosting your mood and lowering anxiety levels.


The good news is that you don’t have to reserve this bird for special occasions!  You should be eating turkey all year round as it is rich in the amino acid tryptophan which has the power to enhance your mood by increasing serotonin levels positively.

Perfect for a Saturday night is our Turkey Fajitas from our Eat your way to a Six Pack book!


This fruit can act as a natural antidepressant, lifting you out of your winter melancholy.  And while avocado delivers more than 77 percent of its calories in fat content, these are healthy fats that will benefit your heart.  Partner with spinach and eggs and you have a super mood boosting plate of food.


Asparagus is packed full of the brain and mood-stabilising folic acid.  This anti-ageing veggie which, when paired with the B12 Vitamin found in fish and poultry, can help to prevent cognitive decline and support strong mental health and well-being.


Both ginger and turmeric are natural remedies that can help with anxiety and depression.   Make your own herbal tea by infusing sliced fresh ginger oxidant-rich root and ground turmeric powder into boiling water for a warming anti-inflammatory power tea!


Who knew that eating oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits can increase your energy and mood?  Swap out that sugary cereal for a grapefruit for breakfast and you will be setting your stress and anxiety levels at low for the rest of the day.


Chia seeds literally bolster your immune function, blast depression and reduce winter inflammation thanks to their magnesium content.  Easily added to a whole host of recipes, these little black seeds are the easiest way to banish the blues!

10 – WATER

Not drinking your daily dose of H2O could be making you depressed – fact!  Research now shows that effects of changes in water intake can be linked to high and low moods.   Staying hydrated will boost your energy, metabolism and provide a natural pick-me-up throughout the day.

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